Introduction to Indoor Cycling

Cycle Ball


Cycle Ball fonud in Germany, the first official World Championships held in 1930. This is an exclusively masculine discipline, sportmen need a good control of bicycle, and co-operation, to shoot the ball into the goal. This sport only have male discipline.

A team consists of two players who may act as goalkeepers or field players. Point will gained if the ball passes into the goal, similar to football. The game consists of two halves of 7 minutes, the teams change side at half time within two minutes.


A special designed bicycle for cycle-ball, its no braking system, saddle toward back, Y-shape handlebar, same diametre with front and rear wheels, fixed gear system, to make the bicycle easy to move forward, backward, jumping, also for passing and shooting the ball.

The ball has a weight of 500 grams and 18 cm diameter, filled with horsehair.


Both team member have to be consistance, they shall wear jersey or t-shirt, shorts, knee-high socks, high-top sports shoes. Also can wear gloves, sweat-band.


The competition field is 11m by 14m, surrounded by a slanted boarding that is 30cm high. The goals are 2 x 2 meters.

Rules for Cycle Ball

  • The game is played by striking the ball with front or rear wheel. The feet and the hands must not be used unless they are on the handlebar or pedals. Headers are permitted.
  • If a player touches the ground, he may continue to play by crossing his own goal line, otherwise a free kick will be given to the opposite team.
  • The penalty area is a semi-circle marked with radius of 2 meters in front of the goal. Only one player each from defending and attacking is allow to go inside this area. The goal-keeper may use his hands to avert the ball.
  • A penalty, 4 meters, is the punishment for offences committed within a player's own penalty area or in case of a serious fault during the games. Out ball, corner ball etc. are similar to the rules from football.
  • In the event of improper behavior, commissaire will give warning by a yellow card, or sent off with red card when a serious concern. The result will be 5:0. If a player is injured and not be able to continue the game, the team may replace by a substitute.


August 2013, UCI Cycle-Ball World Cup (Hong Kong) Final Game
Switzerland vs Austria