Figures of Single Artistic Cycling

version 1.7.2021

Single / Pair / Team 4 / Team 6
Both wheels on floor / Sidestand Turn, squats and jumps / Raiser / Passages / Final exercises

Number Name of figure Points
1001aReg. seat HC.0.5
1001bReg. seat C.0.7
1001cReg. seat frh. HC.0.7
1001dReg. seat frh. C.0.9
1002aReg. seat bw. HC.2.1
1002bReg. seat bw. C.2.3
1002cReg. seat bw. frh. handlebar spinning s.r.3.0
1003aReg. seat rev. HC.1.2
1003bReg. seat rev. C.1.4
1004aReg. seat rev. bw. HC.1.9
1004bReg. seat rev. bw. C.2.1
1004cReg. seat rev. bw. S2.8
1004dReg. seat rev. bw. 83.6
1004eReg. seat rev. bw. frh. handlebar spinning s.r.3.6
1011aSteering with feet HC.0.7
1011bSteering with feet C.0.9
1011cSteering with feet frh. HC.0.9
1011dSteering with feet frh. C.1.1
1012aLady seat HC.0.8
1012bLady seat C.1.0
1012cLady seat frh. HC.1.2
1012dLady seat frh. C.1.4
1013aLady seat bw. HC.2.5
1013bLady seat bw. C.2.7
1016aHandlebarseat HC.1.8
1016bHandlebarseat C.2.0
1016cHandlebarseat frh. HC.2.0
1016dHandlebarseat frh. C.2.2
1016eHandlebarseat frh. S2.6
1016fHandlebarseat frh. 83.4
1017aHandlebarseat rev. HC.1.2
1017bHandlebarseat rev. C.1.4
1017cHandlebarseat rev. frh. HC.1.4
1017dHandlebarseat rev. frh. C.1.6
1021aSplit HC.0.9
1021bSplit C.1.1
1021cSplit frh. HC.1.1
1021dSplit frh. C.1.3
1022aSplit bw. HC.2.6
1022bSplit bw. C.2.8
1023aSplit rev. HC.1.3
1023bSplit rev. C.1.5
1023cSplit rev. frh. HC.1.5
1023dSplit rev. frh. C.1.7
1024aSplit rev. bw. HC.2.6
1024bSplit rev. bw. C.2.8
1031aFrontstand HC.1.8
1031bFrontstand C.2.0
1031cFrontstand frh. HC.2.0
1031dFrontstand frh. C.2.2
1031eFrontstand frh. S2.6
1031fFrontstand frh. 83.4
1032aBackstand HC.2.0
1032bBackstand C.2.2
1036aSide pedal stand HC.1.3
1036bSide pedal stand C.1.5
1037aSidestand foot cranking HC.1.2
1037bSidestand foot cranking C.1.4
1038aSidestand HC.1.2
1038bSidestand C.1.4
1038cSidestand frh. HC.1.4
1038dSidestand frh. C.1.6
1039aSidestand rev. HC.1.6
1039bSidestand rev. C.1.8
1039cSidestand rev. frh. HC.1.8
1039dSidestand rev. frh. C.2.0
1040aSide kneeling foot cranking HC.1.2
1040bSide kneeling foot cranking C.1.4
1041aFrameseat HC.1.3
1041bFrameseat C.1.5
1046aStand on pins HC.1.3
1046bStand on pins C.1.5
1046cStand on pins frh. HC.2.1
1046dStand on pins frh. C.2.3
1046eStand on pins frh. S2.7
1047aStand bent on pin HC.1.6
1047bStand bent on pin C.1.8
1047cStand bent on pin frh. HC.3.0
1047dStand bent on pin frh. C.3.2
1048aStand bent on pin bw. HC.3.0
1048bStand bent on pin bw. C.3.2
1051aBent knee seat HC.1.3
1051bBent knee seat C.1.5
1053aKnee on saddle HC.1.9
1053bKnee on saddle C.2.1
1054aKnee on saddle bw. HC.3.8
1054bKnee on saddle bw. C.4.0
1061aStand bent on saddle HC.1.7
1061bStand bent on saddle C.1.9
1062aStand bent on saddle bw. HC.3.4
1062bStand bent on saddle bw. C.3.6
1063aStand bent on frame HC.1.7
1063bStand bent on frame C.1.9
1064aStand bent on frame bw. HC.3.4
1064bStand bent on frame bw. C.3.6
1065aStand bent on frame rev. HC.2.1
1065bStand bent on frame rev. C.2.3
1066aStand bent on handlebar rev. HC.2.2
1066bStand bent on handlebar rev. C.2.3
1071aPedal side stand rev. HC,1.2
1071bPedal side stand rev. C.1.4
1076aFramestand HC.1.1
1076bFramestand C.1.3
1076cFramestand frh. HC.2.5
1076dFramestand frh. C.2.7
1076eFramestand frh. S3.1
1077aFramestand rev. frh. HC.3.1
1077bFramestand rev. frh. C.3.3
1081aFronthang HC.1.5
1081bFronthang C.2.1
1082aFronthang bw. HC.3.4
1083aBackhang HC.1.3
1083bBackhang C.1.5
1083cBackhang frh. HC.1.5
1083dBackhang frh. C.1.7
1084aBackhang bw. HC.2.4
1091aLying on handlebar HC.2.1
1091bLying on handlebar C.2.3
1092aLying on saddle HC.1.3
1092bLying on saddle C.1.5
1092cLying on saddle handlebar HC.1.5
1092dLying on saddle handlebar C.1.7
1093aWaterscale under saddle HC.1.6
1093bWaterscale under saddle C.1.8
1093cWaterscale on saddle HC.1.8
1093dWaterscale on saddle C.2.0
1096aWalk on frontwheel ¼ circle2.4
1101aSaddle handlebarstand HC.2.9
1101bSaddle handlebarstand C.3.1
1101cSaddle handlebarstand S3.6
1101dSaddle handlebarstand 84.1
1102aSaddle handlebarstand bw. HC.6.5
1102bSaddle handlebarstand bw. C.6.9
1102cSaddle handlebarstand bw. S7.8
1102dSaddle handlebarstand bw. 89.2
1103aSaddlestand HC.5.7
1103bSaddlestand C.6.1
1103cSaddlestand S6.5
1103dSaddlestand 87.3
1104aFronthandlebarstand HC..4.0
1104bFronthandlebarstand C.4.2
1104cFronthandlebarstand S4.7
1104dFronthandlebarstand 85.2
1104eFronthandlebarstand HC. out of reg. seat4.6
1104fFronthandlebarstand C. out of reg. seat4.8
1104gFronthandlebarstand S out of reg. seat5.3
1104hFronthandlebarstand 8 out of reg. seat.5.8
1104iFronthandlebarstand ½ turn5.1
1104jFronthandlebarstand 1 turn T (6,4 - 6,9 - 7,4 - 7,9)5.9
1104kFronthandlebarstand 1½ turn T (7,2 - 7,7 - 8,2 - 8,7)6.7
1104lFronthandlebarstand 2 turns T (8,0 - 8,5 - 9,0 - 9,5)7.5
1104mFronthandlebarstand ½ turn out of reg. seat5.7
1104nFronthandlebarstand 1 turn out of reg. seat T (7,0 - 7,5 - 8,0 - 8,5)6.5
1104oFronthandlebarstand 1½ turn out of reg. seat T (7,8 - 8,3 - 8,8 - 9,3)7.3
1104pFronthandlebarstand 2 turns out of reg. seat T (8,6 - 9,1 - 9,6 - 10,1)8.1
1105aHandlebarstand rev. HC.4.4
1105bHandlebarstand rev. C.4.6
1105cHandlebarstand rev. S5.1
1105dHandlebarstand rev. 85.6
1111aSaddle support scale HC.2.5
1111bSaddle support scale C.3.1
1111cSaddle support scale S3.5
1111dSaddle support scale 85.1
1112aHandlebar support scale HC.2.5
1112bHandlebar support scale C.3.1
1112cHandlebar support scale S3.5
1112dHandlebar grip scale, legs front HC.3.5
1112eHandlebar grip scale, legs front C.4.2
1112fHandlebar grip scale, legs front S4.6
1112gHandlebar grip scale, legs front 86.4
1112hHandlebar grip scale, legs rear HC.4.1
1112iHandlebar grip scale, legs rear C.4.8
1112jHandlebar grip scale, legs rear S5.2
1112kHandlebar grip scale, legs rear 87.0
1115aHandlebar L-shape hold HC.2.8
1115bHandlebar L-shape hold C.3.2
1115cHandlebar L-shape hold S3.6
1115dHandlebar L-shape hold 84.8
1116aHandlebar L-shape hold rev. HC.3.2
1116bHandlebar L-shape hold rev. C.3.6
1116cHandlebar L-shape hold rev. S4.0
1116dHandlebar L-shape hold rev. 85.2
1117aL-shape hold sidewards HC.3.8
1117bL-shape hold sidewards C.4.4
1117cL-shape hold sidewards bw. HC.6.5
1117dL-shape hold sidewards bw. C.7.1
1118aHandlebar support straddle HC.3.3
1118bHandlebar support straddle C.3.9
1118cSaddle support straddle HC.4.2
1118dSaddle support straddle C.4.8
1121aHeadstand HC.4.4
1121bHeadstand C.4.6
1122aShoulderstand HC.4.2
1122bShoulderstand C.4.4
1123aSaddle handlebar handstand HC.7.0
1123bSaddle handlebar handstand C.7.8
1123cSaddle handlebar handstand S8.6
1123dSaddle handlebar handstand 8 10.2
1123eL-shape hold sdw. saddle handlebar handstand HC. T (9,8 - 10,4)8.6
1123fL-shape hold sdw. saddle handlebar handstand C. T (10,6 - 11,2)9.4
1123gL-shape hold sdw.saddle handlebar handstand S T (11,4 - 12,0) 10.2
1123hL-shape hold sdw.saddle handlebar handstand 8 T (13,0 - 13,6) 11.8
1123iL-shape hold saddle handlebar handstand HC. 10.4
1123jL-shape hold saddle handlebar handstand C. 11.2
1123kL-shape hold saddle handlebar handstand S 12.0
1123lL-shape hold saddle handlebar handstand 8 13.6
1123mL-shape hold sdw.german saddle handlebar handstand HC. 11.0
1123nL-shape hold sdw.german saddle handlebar handstand C. 11.8
1123oL-shape hold sdw.german saddle handlebar handstand S. 12.6
1123pL-shape hold sdw.german saddle handlebar handstand 8. 14.2
1124aHandlebar handstand HC.7.2
1124bHandlebar handstand C.8.0
1124cHandlebar handstand S8.8
1124dHandlebar handstand 8 10.4
1124eL-shape hold handlebar handstand HC. T (10,0 - 10,6)8.8
1124fL-shape hold handlebar handstand C. T (10,8 - 11,4)9.6
1124gL-shape hold handlebar handstand S T (11,6 - 12,2) 10.4
1124hL-shape hold handlebar handstand 8 T (13,2 - 13,8)12.0
1124iL-shape hold swiss handlebar handstand HC. 10.6
1124jL-shape hold swiss handlebar handstand C. 11.4
1124kL-shape hold swiss handlebar handstand S 12.2
1124lL-shape hold swiss handlebar handstand 8 13.8
1124mL-shape hold german handlebar handstand HC. 11.2
1124nL-shape hold german handlebar handstand C. 12.0
1124oL-shape hold german handlebar handstand S. 12.8
1124pL-shape hold german handlebar handstand 8. 14.4
1124qHandlebar support straddle handlebar handstand HC.10.0
1124rHandlebar support straddle handlebar handstand C.10.8
1124sHandlebar support straddle handlebar handstand S11.6
1124tHandlebar support straddle handlebar handstand 813.2
1141aStillstand on pedals1.0
1141bStillstand on pedals frh.1.2
1141cStillstand pedal frontwheel1.3
1141dStillstand pedal frontwheel frh.1.5
1151aSidestand turn1.7
1156aReg. seat squat1.7
1156bReg. seat squat bw.3.1
1157aFronthang squat with use of pin1.8
1157bFronthang squat2.0
1157cFronthang squat bw.3.5
1158aBackhang squat with use of pin1.7
1158bBackhang squat1.9
1158cBackhang squat bw.3.5
1159aHandlebarseat rev. squat1.7
1159bHandlebarseat rev. squat bw.2.9
1171aHandlebarseat rev. scissors jump2.2
1171bBackhang scissors jump2.6
1172aTurning jump sidestand handlebarseat rev.2.0
1172bTurning jump reg. seat handlebarseat rev.2.3
1172cTurning jump handlebarseat rev. reg. seat2.3
1172dTurning jump reg. seat stand bent on frame rev.2.8
1172eTurning reg. seat, jump, scissors jump3.8
1173aTurning jump sidestand front wheel walk2.2
1173bTurning jump reg. seat front wheel walk2.8
1174aTurning jump sidestand backhang1.8
1174bTurning jump reg. seat backhang2.2
1174cTurning jump backhang reg. seat2.3
1175aTurning jump 1 turn4.8
1175bTurning jump 2 turns T (7,5 - 8,2 - 8,9 - 9,6 - 10,3)6.8
1175cTurning jump 3 turns T (9,5 - 10,2 - 10,9 - 11,6 - 12,3)8.8
1175dTurning jump 4 turns T (10,7 - 11,4 - 12,1 - 12,8 - 13,5)10.0
1175eTurning jump 5 turns T (11,8 - 12,5 - 13,2 - 13,9 - 14,6)11.1
1181aPedal jump1.9
1186aMaute jump7.3
1201aRaiser reg. seat HC.2.4
1201bRaiser reg. seat C.2.6
1201cRaiser reg. seat frh. HC.2.5
1201dRaiser reg. seat frh. C.2.7
1201eRaiser reg. seat 1 leg HC.3.1
1201fRaiser reg. seat 1 leg C.3.3
1201gRaiser reg. seat 1 leg frh. HC.3.4
1201hRaiser reg. seat 1 leg frh. C.3.6
1202aRaiser reg. seat bw. HC.4.3
1202bRaiser reg. seat bw. C.4.5
1202cRaiser reg. seat bw. frh. HC.4.6
1202dRaiser reg. seat bw. frh. C.4.8
1202eRaiser reg. seat bw. 1 leg HC.5.7
1202fRaiser reg. seat bw. 1 leg C.6.5
1202gRaiser reg. seat bw. 1 leg frh. HC.6.7
1202hRaiser reg. seat bw. 1 leg frh. C.7.5
1202iRaiser reg. seat spin. bw. frh.5.3
1203aRaiser reg. seat rev. frh. HC.3.1
1203bRaiser reg. seat rev. frh. C.3.5
1203cRaiser reg. seat rev. frh. S3.9
1203dRaiser reg. seat rev. frh. 85.1
1203eRaiser reg. seat rev. frh. 1 leg frh. HC.3.9
1203fRaiser reg. seat rev. frh. 1 leg frh. C.4.6
1203gRaiser reg. seat rev. spin. frh.5.7
1204aRaiser reg. seat rev. bw. frh. HC.4.8
1204bRaiser reg. seat rev. bw. frh. C.5.2
1204cRaiser reg. seat rev. bw. frh. S6.3
1204dRaiser reg. seat rev. bw. frh. 87.8
1211aRaiser lady seat HC.3.1
1211bRaiser lady seat C.3.3
1211cRaiser lady seat frh. HC.3.4
1211dRaiser lady seat frh. C.3.6
1212aRaiser lady seat bw. HC.5.4
1212bRaiser lady seat bw. C.6.2
1212cRaiser lady seat bw. frh. HC.6.4
1212dRaiser lady seat bw. frh. C.7.2
1216aRaiser stand on pin HC.3.0
1216bRaiser stand on pin C.3.2
1216cRaiser stand on pin frh. HC.3.3
1216dRaiser stand on pin frh. C.3.5
1216eRaiser sidestand HC.3.2
1216fRaiser sidestand C.3.4
1216gRaiser sidestand frh. HC.3.5
1216hRaiser sidestand frh. C.3.7
1217aRaiser stand on pin bw. HC.5.2
1217bRaiser stand on pin bw. C.6.0
1217cRaiser stand on pin bw. frh. HC.6.2
1217dRaiser stand on pin bw. frh. C.7.0
1217eRaiser stand on pin spin. bw.7.2
1217fRaiser sidestand bw. HC.4.8
1217gRaiser sidestand bw. C.5.6
1219aRaiser stand on pin rev. bw. HC.3.9
1219bRaiser stand on pin rev. bw. C.4.7
1219cRaiser sidestand rev. bw. HC.4.2
1219dRaiser sidestand rev. bw. C.5.0
1226aRaiser handlebarseat HC.2.5
1226bRaiser handlebarseat C.2.7
1226cRaiser handlebarseat frh. HC.2.6
1226dRaiser handlebarseat frh. C.2.8
1227aRaiser handlebarseat bw. HC.4.3
1227bRaiser handlebarseat bw. C.4.5
1227cRaiser handlebarseat bw. frh. HC.4.4
1227dRaiser handlebarseat bw. frh. C.4.6
1227eRaiser handlebarseat spin. bw. frh.5.1
1228aRaiser handlebarseat rev. frh. HC.3.0
1228bRaiser handlebarseat rev. frh. C.3.4
1228cRaiser handlebarseat rev. frh. S3.8
1228dRaiser handlebarseat rev. frh. 85.0
1228eRaiser handlebarseat rev. spin. frh.5.5
1229aRaiser handlebarseat rev. bw. frh. HC.4.8
1229bRaiser handlebarseat rev. bw. frh. C.5.2
1229cRaiser handlebarseat rev. bw. frh. S5.9
1229dRaiser handlebarseat rev. bw. frh. 87.4
1236aRaiser headtube frh. HC.2.6
1236bRaiser headtube frh. C.2.8
1236cRaiser headtube 1 leg frh. HC.3.0
1236dRaiser headtube 1 leg frh. C.3.2
1236eRaiser headtube spin. frh.5.1
1237aRaiser headtube bw. frh. HC.4.4
1237bRaiser headtube bw. frh. C.4.6
1237cRaiser headtube spin. bw. frh.5.1
1238aRaiser headtube rev. frh. HC.3.0
1238bRaiser headtube rev. frh. C.3.4
1238cRaiser headtube rev. spin. frh.5.5
1239aRaiser headtube rev. bw. frh. HC.4.8
1239bRaiser headtube rev. bw. frh. C.5.2
1246aStandraiser HC.4.0
1246bStandraiser C.4.6
1247aStandraiser bw. HC.5.3
1247bStandraiser bw. C.5.9
1247cStandraiser spin. bw.6.5
1248aStandraiser rev. HC.4.2
1248bStandraiser rev. C.4.8
1248cStandraiser rev. spin.6.5
1249aStandraiser rev. bw. HC.5.5
1249bStandraiser rev. bw. C.6.1
1249cStandraiser rev. bw. S6.8
1249dStandraiser rev. bw. 88.8
1281aP. fronthang raiser headtube5.0
1281bP. raiser headtube fronthang2.4
1282aP. fronthang standraiser rev.7.0
1282bP. standraiser rev. fronthang3.0
1283aP. raiser reg. seat raiser handlebarseat3.1
1283bP. raiser handlebarseat raiser reg. seat2.1
1284aP. raiser reg. seat raiser headtube5.3
1284bP. raiser headtube raiser reg. seat4.3
1285aP. raiser reg. seat standraiser rev.6.4
1285bP. standraiser rev. raiser reg. seat4.7
1286aP. raiser handlebarseat raiser headtube3.6
1286bP. raiser headtube raiser handlebarseat2.7
1287aP. raiser headtube standraiser rev.4.1
1287bP. standraiser rev. raiser headtube1.9
1288aP. backhang raiser headtube rev.3.7
1288bP. raiser headtube rev. backhang1.4
1289aP. backhang standraiser6.1
1289bP. standraiser backhang2.4
1290aP. reg. seat rev. raiser handlebarseat rev.5.1
1290bP. raiser handlebarseat rev. reg. seat rev.1.7
1291aP. raiser handlebarseat rev. standraiser6.8
1291bP. standraiser raiser handlebarseat rev.5.1
1292aP. raiser headtube rev. raiser handlebarseat rev.3.9
1292bP. raiser handlebarseat rev. raiser headtube rev.5.8
1293aP. standraiser raiser headtube rev.1.8
1293bP. raiser headtube rev. standraiser3.6
1301aReg. seat handlebar squat1.4
1301bSide pedal stand squat over bike1.9
1301cReg. seat handlebar straddle3.5
1301dReg. seat handlebar squat ½ twist2.5
1301eHandlebarseat rev. handlebar squat1.6
1301fHandlebarseat rev. handlebar straddle3.7
1301gStand bent on saddle handstandloop6.6
1301hReg. seat handstandloop7.7
1301iFronthandlebarstand stretchjump over bike4.3
1301jFronthandlebarstand stretchjump in front of bike ½ twist5.1
1301kFronthandlebarstand straddlejump behind the bike4.7
1301lHandlebarstand rev. stretchjump in front of bike4.6
1301mHandlebarstand rev. stretchjump in front of bike 1 twist6.2
1301nHandlebarstand rev. somersault bw. hooked legs8.6
1301oHandstand bicycle lying down4.1
1301pL-shape hold swiss handstand bicycle lying down6.1